Juniper EX3400 Ethernet Switch

“The switch is on” - the tagline sumps up what the launch of Juniper EX-Series Ethernet network switches was meant for. In the words of Juniper’s then CEO and present Chairman, Scott Kriens, this series switch marked the beginning of a transcending chapter in Juniper’s history.

Juniper EX-Series is a series of Ethernet network switches. These switches are designed and manufactured by Juniper Networks to run on Juniper's network operating system named JUNOS.

This Juniper EX-Series Ethernet network switches includes models and platforms like EX2200, EX2300, EX2500, EX3200, EX3300, EX3400, EX9200 and so on.

Features of Juniper EX-Series Ethernet Network Switches:

The EX-Series switches support a range of features. Those include high-availability and network access control (NAC). The network access control or NAC support that Juniper calls Unified Access Control or UAC can enable the switches to enforce access policies rather than relying on firewalls, VPN gateways or switches made by other vendors. Juniper Networks EX-series Ethernet switches have compliance with Internet protocol (IP) telephony solutions. They are also interoperable with major network management platforms from IBM, CA, HP, EMC, AlterPoint, etc.

Why Industry Prefers Juniper EX3400 Ethernet Switch?

There are many reasons why the industry prefers Juniper EX3400 Ethernet Switch. It delivers a high-performance, flexible and cost-saving solution for today’s most demanding converged data, voice and video enterprise access environments.

Juniper EX3400 Ethernet Switch is designed to simplify network operations. It is hardware-ready to act as a satellite device and support a Juniper Networks Junos Fusion Enterprise deployment. It can put together several wiring closets into one logical management platform.

The Juniper Networks Virtual Chassis technology receives the support of Juniper EX3400 Ethernet switch. This allows upto 10 switches to interconnect over uplink ports and manage a single device, thereby delivering a scalable, pay-as-you-grow solution for expanding network environments.

Together with Juniper Networks Junos Fusion Enterprise and Virtual Chassis technology, The Juniper Networks EX3400 Ethernet Switch is aimed at providing the flexibility and ease of management for enterprises, which previously was only available with higher-end access switches.

Benefits of Juniper EX3400 Ethernet Switch:

  • Highly flexible solutions for data, voice, and video environments
  • Provides support for link-layer data confidentiality, data integrity, and data origin authentication
  • Features a resilient operating system
  • Supports high availability graceful Routing Engine switchover, nonstop active routing, nonstop software upgrade without disrupting network traffic

Juniper EX3400 Ethernet switches come with as well as without Power over Ethernet (PoE) or Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+) capability. Switching models that support both PoE and PoE+ provide support for all RJ-45 ports. PoE ports provide electrical current to devices, which include IP phones, security cameras, wireless access points, etc. through network cables. This eliminates the need for separate power cords for those devices.


Model Access Ports Power Supply Provided by Default Power Supply Provided by Default Power Supply Provided by Default Power Supply Provided by Default Power Supply Provided by Default
EX3400-24T 24 Gigabit Ethernet JPSU-150-AC-AFO - - Front-to-back 15.1X53-D50
EX3400-24T-DC 24 Gigabit Ethernet JPSU-150W-DC-AFO Front-to-back 15.1X53-D51
EX3400-24P 24 Gigabit Ethernet JPSU-600-AC-AFO All 24 ports

·         720 W with two 600 W power supplies installed

·         370 W with one 600 W power supply installed

Front-to-back 15.1X53-D50
EX3400-48T 48 Gigabit Ethernet JPSU-150-AC-AFO Front-to-back 15.1X53-D50
EX3400-48T-AFI 48 Gigabit Ethernet JPSU-150-AC-AFI Back-to-front 15.1X53-D50
EX3400-48P 48 Gigabit Ethernet JPSU-920-AC-AFO All 48 ports

·         1440 W with two 920 W power supplies installed

·         740 W with one 920 W power supply installed

Front-to-back 15.1X53-D50

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