Industrial Ethernet Switches Sale - Cisco Models Low Price

Industrial Ethernet Switches for Safe & Reliable IT Network

Industrial Ethernet Switches with industrial-grade reliability, seamlessly integrated high security, the best price-to-performance ratio, and network redundancy are provided by Network Devices Inc. We offer lowest prices on Cisco industrial ethernet switch, from one of the best industrial ethernet switch manufacturers.

Network routing and switching has never been easier! Your business IT network will be safe, reliable, and productive with various Cisco switches models. We offer them at low prices. Cisco gigabit switch, Cisco catalyst switch, Cisco core switch models, as well as Cisco switch selector, and all types of switches in networking are in stock at Network Devices Inc. We are one of the fastest growing Cisco Hardware Resellers in the North East American Region.

Our specialists recommend Cisco Industrial Ethernet Switch for industrial Ethernet vertical industries applications. These are applications where hardened products are required. They are also used for industrial Ethernet applications like intelligent transportation systems, factory automation, and power utility substations.

Industrial Ethernet Switches - Cisco 3000 Series


  • Two main modules with 4 and 8 10/100Base -T Ethernet ports and 2 Gigabit combo ports
  • SFP (100 Mbps and 1 Gbps) or RJ45 uplink
  • Supports up to 2 expansion modules with different combinations of up to 26 Ethernet interfaces
  • Dual-input DC power supply, alarm relays, and DIN rail mount
  • Industrial PoE and PoE+ support

Industrial PoE switches like Industrial Ethernet Switches Cisco 3000 are easy to use. Cisco 3000 Industrial Ethernet Switch is rugged, with the best security for harsh environments. The 3000 Cisco Industrial Ethernet Switches Series features:

  • Tools for easy deployment, management, and replacement
  • Industrial design and compliance
  • Integration of IT and industrial automation networks
  • Network security based on open standards
  • PoE(Power over Ethernet) - this feature provides power to end devices in industrial environments

If your business is dealing with intelligent transportation systems (ITS), factory automation, or power utility substations, Industrial Ethernet Switches 3000 Series is ideal for your needs. These switches are great to use because they come with some major benefits. They have PROFINET v2 certification with conformance class B compliance. Switches from 3000 Series switches can be configured and managed at the touch of a button; you can use either PC-based network assistant or an onboard GUI tool.

Cisco 3000 Industrial Ethernet Switches Series Benefits

Is your business based in harsh environmental conditions? Good news is that Industrial Ethernet Switches 3000 Series design is perfect for this kind of conditions. Any commercial switching product won't be able to achieve what Cisco Switches Models can. IEEE 1613 and IEC 61850 compliance will benefit your business network. It will also exceed your productivity expectations.

These types of switches in networking are the best. One of the main reasons is their high security. When you use them, only authorized traffic and users can access and traverse the network. Industrial Ethernet Switches 3000 Series are also standards-based. If you need to integrate industrial equipment and office applications, these Cisco switches models will successfully facilitate that, too.

Management of IE3000 series is simple and easy. Cisco Industrial Network Director can run it. This is a network management system purpose-built for industrial applications. It uses complete capabilities of the Cisco Industrial Ethernet product family to make the network easily accessible to non-IT operations personnel.

Industrial Ethernet Switches - Cisco 4000 Series


  • Superior capacity and bandwidth
  • Top-rate resiliency and enhanced security
  • 40 Gbps non-blocking switching capacity with up to 20 Gigabit Ethernet ports per switch
  • Industrial PoE (Power over Ethernet) and PoE+ Support
  • 4 GE combination uplinks and options like copper, and fiber for up to 16 x GE capacity downlinks and Fast Ethernet and GE
  • Dual-input DC power supply, alarm relays, and DIN rail mount
  • Smooth IT integration and policy consistency

Industrial PoE switches like Industrial Ethernet Switches Cisco 4000 are highly scalable switches. Their specific design is perfect for industrial environments. If you need a Cisco switch that is resilient and easy-to-manage, with a comprehensive feature set, look into Cisco 4000 Series. This Cisco switches model provides superior switching with high-bandwidth and proven Cisco IOS Software-based routing capabilities for industrial types of environments.

Cisco 4000 Industrial Ethernet Switches Series Benefits

The capabilities and features of 4000 Cisco Industrial Ethernet Switches include their ability to withstand extreme and harsh environments. They also comply with overall IT performance requirements and network design. Highly secure access and industry-leading convergence using Cisco Resilient Ethernet Protocol (REP), as well as support for industrial protocols are characteristic for Cisco 4000 Industrial Switches.

If your business is involved in industrial Ethernet vertical industries applications where hardened products are required, this Industrial Ethernet Cisco Switches Series is an ideal choice for you. Cisco 4000 Switches Series will excel in industries that deal with power utility substations, oil and gas field sites, mining, factory automation, city surveillance programs, and intelligent transportation systems.

Get Best Industrial Ethernet Switch at Low Price from Network Devices Inc.

Improve overall performance of your network and business, get greater bandwidth, a more comprehensive feature set, and powerful hardware with best managed switch - Industrial Ethernet Switch Series 3000 and 4000. Enhance your network by network routing and switching with Cisco switches models.

You can use Cisco switch selector to see what Cisco core switch models are best for your needs. On the other hand, you can contact us and get reliable information easily and fast.

Feel free to contact us for any type of question you have, whether it's about the function of router, switch selection, or IP phone related. We are available 24/7 to answer your questions, give you a quote, and send your order the next day.

Industrial Ethernet Switches Sale - Cisco Models Low Price

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