Cisco Wireless Sale

Cisco Wireless for Unique Security, Mobility & Quality

Cisco Wireless Controller Solutions are a perfect choice if you want to simplify your network deployment, operations, and management. They will help you to reduce business overall operational expenses and provide you with the most scalable and the highest performing wireless controller option.

Cisco Wireless controllers are the perfect solution for a wide range of businesses - from small businesses and branch offices to service providers, main campuses, and large business offices.

Choose one of the Cisco Wireless Controller options and get:

Unique Network Security
Optimization for IPv6-enabled Mobile Clients
Next-Generation Hotspot

Evolve Your Network with Cisco Wireless Controllers

Cisco Wireless Controllers deliver:

  • Fast response to business needs - controller centrally manages wireless networks
  • Flexibility to configure wireless policy, management, or security settings anytime
    through centralized management and provisioning
  • Standardized access point configuration for software versioning
  • Wireless intrusion prevention system (wIPS) capabilities
  • Network-wide quality of service (QoS) for voice and video across both wireless
    and wired networks
  • Network-wide centralized security policies across wireless and wired networks
  • Industry-leading security, mobility, and management for IPv6 and dual-stack
    clients, equipping administrators for IPv6 troubleshooting, planning, and client
    traceability from a common wired and wireless management system
  • Application visibility and control

Cisco wireless options provide cost-effective support for converged networks that incorporate wireless connectivity. These controllers will:

  • lower hardware costs
  • simplify remote management
  • offer flexible configurations

    All of this will reduce the total cost of operations and ownership of any business.

  • Get Cisco Wireless Controller that Meets Your Needs

    Stay innovative and competitive, grow faster, reduce costs, simplify processes, and keep your business information protected with Cisco Wireless Controllers.

    Depending on the type of business, you can choose different Cisco Wireless Controller options.

    Cisco 2500 Series Wireless Controllers are best for small and mid-sized companies.

    They provide small branch or single-site enterprise WLAN deployments with entry-level wireless for data. Cisco 2500 controller is perfect for improved mobility with laptops; it provides guest access for customers and offers limited hotspot coverage.

    If you want to grow your mobile workforce, you can make sure to enhance its productivity with Cisco Wireless 2500. You can also scale and add services over time, in accordance with your business requirements. These controllers offer deployment flexibility onsite, through integration with a router, or with virtual machines.

    Cisco 5500 Series Wireless Controllers will secure your wireless networks and manage them cost-effectively and with ease. This is one of the most deployed Cisco Wireless Controllers and, as such, it provides the best security, the highest performance, and unique scalability to back your business communications and operations.

    Cisco 5500 Controllers provide:

    • Coherent mobile experience, voice, and video applications
    • Industry-leading IPv6 roaming with secure access
    • Reliability: Cisco 5500 Series Wireless Controllers provide.
    • Flexibility to pay as you grow - software license flexibility to add additional access points as your business conditions and needs a change
    • Advanced services support for any network use case, campus or branch

      Cisco Access Points

      Cisco 3500 Series Wireless Controllers and Cisco 8500 Series Wireless Controllers are also great solutions to evolve your Network and your Business.

      Cisco Access Points are great for keeping your business communications and network safe and productive. Whether you're looking for Small Business access points, Cisco Aironet access points, or Cloud-managed access points, we will give you a quote the same they and send your order the next.

      Cisco Aironet 1815 Series Access Points deliver data incredibly fast to all devices. With this Cisco Aironet Access Points Series, your smartphones, tablets, and laptops will get their information immediately, without being tethered to a restricted area.

      Cisco Small Business Wireless Access Points are affordable for businesses. Ease of deployment and sleek appearance also make them attractive.

      Continue browsing through our Access Points offer and choose the one that is best for your business needs.

      Stay Safe and Competitive with Cisco Wireless Controllers

      Stay innovative and competitive, grow faster, reduce costs, simplify processes, and keep your business information protected with Cisco Wireless Controllers.

      You are safe with Cisco Wireless Controller because it will successfully improve business continuity in the face of outages and facilitate server consolidation.

      Get the right Cisco Wireless Controller for your specific needs.

      Cisco Wireless Sale

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