Model: NIM-2MFT-T1-E1
Detail: --> Expansion module, T1/E1 x 2, T-1/E-1, For Cisco 4451-X, <
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-->The Cisco Fourth-Generation T1/E1 Multiflex Trunk Voice and WAN Network Interface Modules (NIMs) support data and voice applications on the Cisco 4451-X integrated services routers. These cards combine WAN-interface-card (WIC), voice-interface-card (VIC), ISDN Primary Rate Interface (PRI), dial-access integration, and channelized-data (CE1T1) functions to provide unparalleled flexibility, versatility, and investment protection through their many uses. Customers who choose to integrate data and voice in multiple steps preserve their investment in a T1/E1 WAN interface. The T1/E1 modules contain an onboard Cisco Packet Voice Digital Signal Processor Module 4 (PVDM4) slot, which requires a fourth-generation PVDM4 module. A PVDM4 on the T1/E1 module is necessary for the voice features. The PVDM4 also provides for echo cancellation of up to 128-ms echo-tail length for demanding network conditions.



Serial data (channel-group) 2 per port
E1 unframed G.703 Not supported
Voice channel associated signaling (CAS) (ds0-group) 24 per port (T1)

31 per port (E1)

1 per timeslot
PRI (pri-group) 1 per port
Drop and insert

24 per port (T1)

31 per port (E1)

1 per timeslot
Transmit bit rate 1.544 Mbps 50 bps/32 ppm
Receive bit rate 1.544 Mbps 50 bps/32 ppm
Line code Alternate mark inversion (AMI) and binary 8-zero substitution (B8ZS)
AMI ones density Enforced for n x 56-kbps channels
Framing format D4 (Super Frame [SF]) and Extended Super Frame (ESF)
Output level (line build-out [LBO]) 0, -7.5 or -15 dB
Input level 1 dB0 down to -24 dB0
Data-terminal-equipment (DTE) interface (WIC mode) Fractional service
DTE interface (VIC mode) G.704 or structured
Data-communications-equipment (DCE) interface G.704 or structured
Transmit bit rate 2.048 Mbps 100 bps/50 ppm
Receive bit rate 2.048 Mbps 100 bps/50 ppm
Data rate 1.984 Mbps (framed mode) per E1 port
Clocking Internal and loop (recovered from network)
E1 national bits Fixed (nonconfigurable)
Encoding High-density bipolar three (HDB3)
DTE interface (WIC mode) Fractional service
DTE interface (VIC mode) G.704 or structured
DCE interface G.704 or structured
Dimensions (H x W x D) 1.25 x 3.50 x 7.24 in. (3.18 x 8.89 x 18.39 cm)
Environmental   Operating temperature: 0 to 50C (32 to 122F)

  Storage temperature: -20 to +65C (-4 to 148F)

  Relative humidity: 10 to 85% noncondensing operating; 5 to 95% noncondensing, nonoperating
T1 Compliance (partial list)   TIA-968-A



  ANSI T1.403        
E1 Compliance (partial list)   TBR4, TBR12, and TBR13

  ITU-T G.703, G.704, G.823, and I.431

  S016 (Australia)
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