Cisco Spark Room Kit is a video conferencing option that includes a camera, codec, speakers, and microphones consolidated into one device. It is perfect for smaller rooms that can accommodate nearly 7 people.

It is a modern tool that is created by Cisco for smart meetings. It is an all in one device, which can be easily configured with flat-screen displays and other needed meeting technologies. Cisco spark room kit enables excellent video and audio experience to the users that are above their expectations. Moreover, its advanced features provide options for smarter meetings and smart display capabilities. The complete setup is easy and along with device integration. It removes the hindrance of arranging a video conference meeting in a small or medium-sized room.

What You Can Expect Out of Using CS-KIT-K9?

It has unmatchable functionality and experience

It is priced sensibly to scale out of multiple rooms

Easy integration makes usable for video conferencing 

Speaker tracking functionality in smaller rooms     


Why Most Organizations Prefer CS-KIT-K9 for Video Conferencing?

Innovative Solution

The kit can automatically sense people in the room and accurately frame pictures of meeting members. Moreover, it can identify who is speaking and shift the framing accordingly. 

Hi-tech Audio and Video Technology

The all-in-one device provides high audio quality with compliance to the evolving technology. Microphones and speakers are integrated into the device, keeping the table clutter-free otherwise caused due to cables. It even allows dual screens for both video and content and has 4K resolution for content sharing also. 

Optimal use of Network Capabilities

With the advanced kit, you will be able to share content using a wired or wireless connection. It can also be used on a cloud platform hosted by Cisco or by the connection you use for your business. 

Some Important Specs of CS-KIT-K9  

HDMI input feature facilitates up to m3840 x 2160 at30 fps 

Great audio standards - G.711, G.722, G.722.1, G.729, AAC-LD, and Opus

Advanced audio features - 20kHz audio. It has the line put for subwoofer, inductive loop, Automatic Gain Control (AGC) and has an automatic noise reduction feature.

CS-KIT-K9 Security Features Include:

HTTPS and SSH, IP administration password, menu administration password, and network setting protection. 

When you are looking for the genuine CS-KIT-K9 at a sensible price, no other online store can be better than Network Device Inc. We are one of the fastest growing Cisco Hardware Resellers in the North East American Region. We also offer a great discount on bulk orders.

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