In this digital world, when we are talking about business, network, switches are the core components. Mobile devices can connect to your network wirelessly, in the same way, switches connect the multiple core elements like desktop, printers, routers, and other hardware. To enable you to send information and access shared details much more effectively. But the number of connected components is increasing, which is increasing the complexity of your network connectivity as well. To address these incessant needs, you need to use better network switches to regulate your business in a streamlined manner.

With the exponential rise of internet usage, security threats are becoming rampant too. Advanced persistent security threats (APT) with the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) devices, mobility everywhere and cloud storage needs a network fabric that connects advanced hardware and software to regulate, secure and simplify customer networks. The work of Cisco Catalyst 9400 Series Switch Line Cards is to catalyst customer revenue growth by accelerating business service rollout.

Cisco C9400-LC-24S

Cisco provides the cutting-edge network fabric to enhance customer business. The programmable architecture reduces the time-consuming task of your IT support team needed for repetitive network configuration, hence they can concentrate better on innovation that can lead to better business transformation.

Features of CISCO C9400-LC-24S Series Switch

 Cisco catalyst C9400-LC-24S series switches come with three chassis options and an extensive range of line card options. It offers typical architecture to scale up to 400 ports. Cisco StackWise virtual technology increases the port density twice allowing two catalysts 9400 modular switches in a logical switch.

 Cisco 9400 series chassis is organization optimized with effective side-to-side airflow and full front accessibility for all detachable components, which includes supervisors, line cards, power supplies, and fan tray. It also provides the provision for rear accessibility support for fan trays to device better cable management.

The Cisco C9400-LC-24S is an advanced enterprise switching access platform designed for security, and IoT and cloud. This series creates the basic building blocks for SD-Acess. It is capable of supporting up to 9Tbps of system bandwidth and matchless power delivery for high density.

Why Choose Network Devices Inc. to Get Cisco C9400-LC-24S Switches?

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