Next-generation firewalls, like the SRX300 Series Juniper small business firewall, can help you achieve business objectives.

If you need firewall security, maybe virtual or physical, look no further beyond the series of Juniper SRX300 firewalls. The Juniper SRX300 firewall is built to defend your enterprise campus, data center edge, and data center core.

One of the largest network hardware manufacturing companies, Juniper Network is well-known for bringing simplicity to networking with products, solutions, and services that connect the world. That’s why they produce routers, switches, as well as security and others. 

The Juniper SRX300 series firewalls deliver a next-generation security, networking, and SD‑WAN solution. It supports the changing needs of your cloud-enabled enterprise network across multiple locations. It connects to the cloud, or improves operational efficiency. As you implement the Juniper SRX300 series firewalls, you’re ensured of scalability, security, and easy-to-manage connectivity.

Get high-density native Gigabit Ethernet ports available on the Juniper SRX300 series firewalls. It helps in keeping up with the growing rate of network traffic and networking pace. This next-generation firewall and unified threat management capabilities simplify detection and mitigation of threats and improve the user and application experience.

Juniper SRX300 series firewalls


Find Juniper SRX300 series firewall models built to address the security needs of different settings. 

Juniper SRX300

Juniper SRX300 series firewall comes with 1-Gbps, featuring 300-Mbps IPsec VPN. It is built to consolidate security, routing, switching, and WAN connectivity in a small, fanless desktop device. This is ideal for retail-type offices with up to 50 users.

Juniper SRX320

Juniper SRX320 series gateway features 1-Gbps firewall with 300-Mbps IPsec VPN. It is compatible for desktop devices and features high-performance security, routing, switching, and WAN connectivity. Ideal for small, distributed enterprise locations with up to 50 users.

Juniper SRX340

Juniper SRX340 series gateway features 3-Gbps firewall and comes with 600-Mbps IPsec VPN in a 1 U form factor. This device compatible firewall can  merge routing, switching, security, and WAN connectivity and meet the needs of midsize and distributed enterprise locations with up to 100 users.

Juniper SRX345

Juniper SRX345 series gateway features 5-Gbps firewall. It also features 800-Mbps IPsec VPN in a 1 U form factor and can securely connect mid sized and large distributed enterprise locations with up to 200 users.

Juniper SRX380

Juniper SRX380 series gateway is built with a 1 U form factor, featuring high-performance, secure device, which can offer superior and reliable SD-WAN connectivity, with increased port-density. It also includes redundant dual power supplies.

SRX300 Series Juniper Small Business Firewall Deployments

Juniper SRX300 series firewalls are built to operate at the physical, network, and application layers and to secure a range of locations across the distributed enterprise, from small retail offices to mid-sized or large branches. You can deploy it centrally and manage it by using the Junos Space Security Director platform, which provides a single pane of glass to manage the entire security infrastructure. 

What Users to Achieve Using Juniper SRX300 Series Firewalls?

  • Best-in-class secure connectivity

  • Application steering and control

  • Secure SD-WAN

  • WAN assurance

  • AI-powered automation and service levels

  • Comprehensive security suite

Features and Benefits

Business Requirement


Juniper SRX300 series firewalls

High performance

Up to 5 Gbps

  • Perfect for SMBs and large branch office deployments
  • Advanced and futuristic

Business continuity

High-availability, IP monitoring

  • Uses stateful HA to synchronize configuration and firewall sessions
  • Supports multiple WAN interface


Better CX and lower operational costs

  • ZTP simplifies remote device provisioning
  • Controls and prioritizes traffic based on application and user role

End-user experience

WAN assurance

  • Secure SD-WAN solution with AI-powered automation and service levels

Highly secure

IPsec VPN, Remote Access/SSL VPN, Media Access Control Security 

  • Creates secure, reliable, and fast overlay link over public internet
  • Offers secure and flexible remote access SSL VPN with Juniper Secure Connect

Threat protection

IPS, antivirus, anti-spam, enhanced web filtering

  • Protects from zero-day attacks
  • Integrates open threat intelligence platform with third-party feeds

Application visibility

On-box GUI, Security Director  

  • Detects 3500+ Layer 3-7 applications, including Web 2.0
  • Inspects and detects applications inside the SSL encrypted traffic

Easy to manage and scale

On-box GUI, Security Director

  • Includes centralized management for auto-provisioning

Minimize TCO

Junos OS

  • Integrates routing, switching
  • Reduces operating expense


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