High-performance Juniper QFX5120 Series Switches fit the bill as they provide the foundation for dynamic data centers. 

Juniper QFX5120 Series Switch is a 25GbE switch, with 48 25GbE ports and 8 QSFP28 ports for uplinks in a 550ns low latency, 1U form factor. These switches come with tri-speed  (1/10/25GbE) capabilities on all 48 ports and 40/100GbE on uplinks ports, as a result users get the flexibility of deploying it as a combination of 1/10/25GbE for downlink server or a 10/40GbE or 25/100GbE access switch and storage connectivity with 40GbE or 100GbE uplink to the Spine switches. 

An oversubscription of 1.5:1 is provided by the 8x100G uplinks across the 48x25GbE ports connected to the downstream server/storage, which is sufficient for most data center deployments. But when the 1:1 oversubscription is essential at the access/leaf layer, it can be achieved by linking 40x25GbE downlink ports to servers while retaining all the 8x100GbE ports as uplinks. Moreover, the native 25GbE ports are put in from left to right with the QSFP28 ports grouped to the far right for easier, unambiguous cabling.

Overview of the Product:

  • Provide support for multispeed 10/25/40/100GbE access, aggregation deployments, and high-density, with up to 48 25GbE ports and eight 100GbE uplink ports in a 1 U platform. 

  • Feature 2.2 GHz quad-core Intel CPU with 16 GB memory and 64 GB SSD storage

  • Ensure up to 2 Tbps L2 and L3 performance, with latency as low as 550 nanoseconds

  • Come with feature-rich automation capabilities that provide support for Python and Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP)

  • Provide the support for Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN) as an L2 or L3 gateway and Open vSwitch Database (OVSDB) protocol as an L2 gateway

  • Provide modern Junos OS features, such as EVPN, BGP add-path, MPLS, L3 VPN, and IPv6 6PE purchase the QFX5K-C1-PFL license, generate unique license keys, and install them on the switch. The license is not portable across devices.

  • Provide advanced software features, which offer all premium license functionalities as well as MPLS to explicitly address the needs of data center interconnect and edge use cases. However, customers have to purchase the QFX5K-C1- AFL license, generate unique license keys, and install them on the switch to enable these features. Remember that the license isn’t portable across devices. 

What are the Use Cases?

Port Combinations




48x10GbE + 8x40GbE


10GbE Access or Leaf

48x25GbE + 8x100GbE


25GbE Access or Leaf

48x10GbE + 6x40GbE


10GbE Access or Leaf

48x10GbE + 6x100GbE


10GbE Access or Leaf



25GbE Access or Leaf with 25GbE break out



100GbE Spine


What are User Benefits?


Automation: Juniper QFX5120 Series Switches support a number of network automation and plug-and-play operation features, which include automatic rollback, ZTP and event scripts, and Python. 

Intelligent Buffer Management: 25% of the total buffer space is dedicated and the rest is shared among all ports and they are user configurable. The intelligent buffer mechanism eliminates traffic bursts and provides deterministic performance while enhancing performance over static allocation.

Real-time Metrics and Alarms: There is Contrail Insights that helps collect and analyze comprehensive metrics in real-time for monitored networks and devices. Users can view them as real-time charts and graphs. With this convenience, an operator can also configure alarms for individuals or groups of metrics when specific values or conditions are met, or when anomalies occur, notifying the operator in real time. 

The Juniper QFX5120 Series Switches come with three categories of software licenses, which are base, premium, and advanced. The Base software includes basic Layer 2 switching, the Premium software features all Basic as well as BGP, IS-IS, and EVPN Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN). The Advanced software features license that includes all the features from Premium tier along with MPLS feature set.

Network Devices Inc has a full line of Juniper QFX5120 Series Switches to offer you. Browse the store to find the perfect Juniper equipment to fit in your environment and save you big money. 

Contact us to get pricing and all your questions answered.

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