Cisco lined up a new series of VPN routers to its small business RV Series Router family. That line-up includes RV340, RV345, RV345P, and RV340W.

RV Series Models Improvements Over Their Past Models:

The idea for launching the new RV Series VPN Router models germinated long back. These models have the most powerful processors you have ever used, have the best-in-class features, and are easy-to-set up, easy-to-configure, and easy-to-deploy with your intuitive user interface and setup wizards.

RV340 is a replacement for RV320 and that meets user requirements to a maximum extent. But, the feature escalation process was already initiated with the arrival of the RV340 model. As a result, RV345 and RV345P router models were introduced, with more capabilities. While the RV340 has Dual WAN ports and four LAN ports, RV345 and RV345P have Dual WAN ports and 16 LAN ports. Launch of the RV345P came with the addition of PoE (Power over Ethernet) ports to power devices, such as Wireless Access Points or other devices.

The Most Powerful RV Router:

In the family of Cisco RV Series Routers, the latest model is RV340W. This RV340W router model is the most powerful Wireless VPN Router ever in the Cisco VPN router family. The first among the 300 Series Wireless Model, RV340W is an all-in-one networking-in-a-box model. It is perfect for those looking for a wireless routing model that comes in combination of performance, range, security, and reliability for their business network.

Common Feature:

All of these RV Series VPN Router models use the same processor, same switch, and same software.

Benefit Highlights:

  • Flexible VPN functionality for secure connectivity
  • Idea for remote access via mobile devices
  • Dynamic web filtering as business efficiency enabler and internet security
  • Users are automatically protected from malicious or compromised websites, regardless of site categorization.
  • Identify or treat end devices and applications as per user defined policies for enhanced productivity and optimal network usage
  • 4 LAN Ports (RV345) to ensure high-performance connectivity
  • 2 WAN Ports to ensure load balancing and resiliency
  • 16 LAN Ports (RV345) for small device footprint with sufficient ports
  • 16 LAN Ports (8 data and 8 PoE – RV345P) power connected devices, such as access points and IP phones
  • Upto 30W per port to power 802.11ac Wave 2 access points
  • 2 USB Ports to support 3G/4G modem or flash drive


Who RV Series VPN Router Models Recommended for?

Internet threats often disrupt small businesses. The Cisco RV340, RV345, and RV345P Dual WAN Gigabit VPN Routers connect small businesses to the Internet, with maximum guarantee of security and protection against those threats, without compromising the online experience.


RV Series VPN Routers are highly-secure network access for small businesses. These routers have been built to boost the user experience and employee productivity, with overall improvement of network performance as reported on an online store offering Cisco products, Network Devices Inc.These models are competent to limit Internet browsing to appropriate site categories and eliminate unwanted network traffic.

Cisco RV Series Routers for Small Businesses with virtual private networking (VPN) technology are perfect to connect to your remote teams through a secure Internet pathway.

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