Product Overview

Cisco IE 5000 is a rack mount, ruggedized switch, developed to provide Layer-2 and Layer-3 line-rate aggregation and copper Power over Ethernet (PoE) connectivity in the harshest of industrial environments. These switches offer a flexible and scalable industrial Ethernet platform.

Benefits of Using Cisco IE 5000 Switches:


    • Cisco IE 5000 is highly secure
    • Scalable for access and aggregation layer deployments
    • Provide stackable technologies for advanced network reliability
    • Ideal for IE applications where hardened products are required


    With a software-defined access extension for the Internet of Things (IoT), the Cisco IE 5000 Series switches can be used to easily and securely extend the enterprise network to harsh environments and enable connectivity in outdoor areas, warehouses, distribution centers, roadways, etc. And, all these become possible for using the powerful enterprise-grade intent-based network management platform, such as Cisco DNA Center.

    Take a Rundown of the Cisco IE 5000 Features:


    Built for a harsh environment and temperature range (-40° to 75°C), Cisco IE 5000 Series switches can withstand vibration, shock, surge, and electrical noise. This series switch is ideal for use in utility industries, energy and process control, manufacturing, oil and gas field sites, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), city surveillance programs, and mining, among others.

    Cisco IE 5000 Series Switch is designed to complement the industrial Ethernet portfolio of products. It covers Cisco IE switches, such as the Cisco IE 2000, IE 3200, IE 3300, IE 3400, IE 4000 and IE 4010 Series Switches, as well as utility - focused products, such as the Cisco IE 2000U Industrial Ethernet switches and Cisco 2500 Series Connected Grid Switches.

    Designed to provide easy out-of-the-box configuration and simplified operational manageability, the Cisco IE 5000 series switch can deliver advanced security, data, video, and voice services over industrial networks through a user-friendly web device manager.

    Cisco IE 5000 Series Switch delivers high-performance with 4x10 GE or 4x1GE uplinks and 24x1 GE downlinks. You can connect new wireless access points, get high-speed, low-latency connectivity for PLCs, controllers and associated I/O devices, and also connect new HD IP cameras. Those who have been so far suffering from delayed networking connectivity may find Cisco IE 5000 series switches for their excellent support design for very-delay-sensitive applications and time-sensitive networks. 

    Cisco IE 5000 Series serves requirements for those who require wider geographical scalability and longer distance connectivity. Implement IE 5000 when users need a switching system that has to deliver multiple rings and redundant ring topology for new network configurations.

    What Else to Expect from Cisco IE 5000 Series Switch?


    Cisco IE 5000 Series is made to control costs by limiting wiring, distribution panels, and circuit breakers. Networking equipment needs can also be reduced with its implementation that can support up to 12 PoE or PoE+ ports, thus requiring less space and reducing heat dissipation. You can implement the ready-to-use PoE devices, such as IP phones, cameras, and wireless access points, and perform simple switch replacement in case of failure, without having to hire networking experts separately (when SwapDrive is used). 

    Explore a few more advanced user advantages from Cisco IE 5000 Series Switches available with Network Devices Inc

    Product number Wattage Rated nominal input operating range Supported input voltage operating range

    PoE/PoE+ support 

    Use case scenario
    PWR-RGD-AC-DC-H 150W AC 100-240V/2.0A 50-60Hz
    DC 100-250V/2.0A
    AC 85-264V
    DC 88-300V
    Yes High voltage AC or DC power source, for hazardous locations,  PoE power application
    PWR-RGD-LOW-DC-H 150W DC 24-60V/10A DC 18-75V Yes Low voltage DC power source, for hazardous locations,  PoE power application
    PWR-RGD-AC-DC-250  250W AC 100-240V 3.3A 50-60Hz
    DC 100-250V 3.3A.
    AC 85-264V
    DC 88-300V
    Yes High voltage AC or DC power source, for hazardous locations, PoE power application

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